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Baby wipes are a diaper-changing essential, but they have many uses beyond the changing table! From wiping newborns clean to removing makeup (yep, that too), having high-quality baby wipes on hand is an necessity. Whether you want a moist wipe that you can use fresh out of the pack, or you’re more interested in trying out dry or cloth wipes, here are the eight wipes every parent should keep in their arsenal.

Best Baby Wipes

      What to Consider

      The most important thing to consider when you’re buying your all purpose cleansers wipes is durability. If they rip apart while you’re cleaning a particularly complex diaper situation, let’s just say, you won’t forget that experience any time soon. Baby wipes also must be generously sized because small wipes are fairly useless for people with larger hands. (Diaper situation part two.)

      As for their cleaning abilities, the solution on wipes runs the gamut from simple water to lotion-y soaps that smell of lavender fields or freshly brewed green tea. If your little one is fragrance-sensitive, unscented or water wipes are the way to go. However, if your baby can tolerate scented wipes, they’ll really come in handy when wiping nasties off of car seats.

      We can’t deny the impact that wipes and diapers have on the environment. Many companies are working hard to make them with a little more care for the planet, choosing natural ingredients and less packaging. There are even a few that make completely biodegradable and compostable wipes, and the best of that bunch is on this list. The science is catching up, finally, and I do believe we are turning a corner. And there’s always the option for reusable wipes. If you have a washer and a dryer, these can be truly great options, and once your baby is no longer a baby, they make great rags for cleaning.

      Every wipe on this list will make diaper changes easier, keep your hands clean, wipe your face with ease, and maybe, just maybe, your counters, laptop, the car seat, the center console of your car, the handles of your flat iron, and the cat’s whiskers when they’re covered in cat food.

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Best Essential Oil Wipes

Babyganics Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes

We love these thick cleansing wipes from Babyganics that contain a delicate essential oil blend. The blend supports healthy skin development, provides antioxidant protection, and includes tomato, sunflower, cranberry, black cumin, and red raspberry oils.

These are a tiny bit on the thin side, but they hold up really well.

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Best Compostable

Unscented Compostable Biodegradable and Organic Wipes

We get it, the idea of a compostable wipe feels almost silly. If it’s compostable, how in the world will it hold up? Will they be melted before I even use them all?

We’re happy to report that not only are these wipes more environmentally friendly, they are quite durable, larger than many other eco-friendly wipes, and they have a subtle texture that gets babies nooks and crannies spiffy clean.


Best Scented

Natural Care Refreshing Baby Diaper Wipes

Remember how we mentioned the green tea wipes? These are those. They smell so fantastic. The cucumber also has a cooling effect on the skin that is a real relief for babies who have been sleeping in a hot nappy. (Waking a baby is a fool’s errand.) They provide a cool sensation, refreshing their teeny bums. Huggies are also pretty darn huge, so you’re less likely to put your hand in something you wish you hadn’t.

They’re also fantastic for wiping Sally Hansen’s airbrush leg bronzer off of your skin, leaving your legs clean and smooth.


Best for Sensitive Skin

Aveeno Baby Sensitive All-Over Wipes

Parents who love Aveeno baby products are drawn to them because of the natural ingredients that nourish their little one’s skin without the harsh chemicals. Their baby wipes are no different.

Designed to be gentle on your sweetie’s bum, these hypoallergenic wipes are infused with oat extract and aloe, along with gentle moisturizers and cleaners. Your baby’s bottom will be clean and soft after each wipe use.


Best Hypoallergenic Wipes

The Honest Company Baby Wipes

For dirty bottoms and syrup-soaked fingers, Honest Company baby wipes can clean up all of those messes and the ones in between. With a hypoallergenic and plant-based formula, you can use these wipes on your sweetie’s hands without worrying about leaving behind a toxic residue.


Best Water-Based Wipes


Water Wipes contain only purified water and a tiny drop of soapberry seed extract. They’re the world’s purest wipes, and they’re a safe solution for babies with super-sensitive skin.

You can use these ultra clean wipes to clean their tushy, face, hands, and even a paci that falls out of their mouth.


Best Textured Wipes

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes

These water-based wipes are infused with aloe and vitamin E to keep your baby’s tushy soft and irritation-free. Without scents, artificial ingredients, or dyes, you can feel good knowing that your baby’s delicate skin is being pampered with every wipe.

These thick, textured wipes capture messes and lock them in instead of spreading them around, which is an essential for poop cleanups.


Eco-Friendly Wipes

Tree-Free Bamboo Baby Wipes

Made of 100% bamboo, these tear-resistant wipes just need a few spritzes of water or wipe solution to cleanse any surface. Since these wipes are made completely of bamboo, they go easy on the environment and are 100% biodegradable.

When your tot has incredibly sensitive skin, you want to make extra sure that you have control over the products you use to care for them. These bamboo dry wipes soak up moisture while still managing to be silky-soft and gentle on your tot’s gentle skin.


Best Terry Cloth Wipes

Reusable Cloth Diapering Wipes

Whether you need to wipe the traces of Grandma’s famous spaghetti off of your baby’s face or clean up the backend aftermath, these GroVia Cloth Wipes are a gentle, natural alternative to traditional options. Made of pillowy-soft terry cloth, these wipes are the perfect size to fit into your wipe warmer too.


Best Reusable Wipes

Marley’s Monsters Reusable Cloth Baby Wipes

These colorful wipes are made of a soft flannel material that is easy on your sweetie’s skin while absorbing moisture and mess effortlessly.

These reusable wipes become more absorbent as you use and wash them. If this is your first rodeo when it comes to cloth wipes, all you need is a bit of water, a bum wash, or your own solution, a wet bag for soiled wipe storage, and that’s it!

With a pack of 24, you will save yourself plenty of money over time going the reusable route.

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