February is National Library Lovers’ Month and it is a great time to show your appreciation for the local library. We outline some of the best ways to celebrate national library lover’s month this February. Not only do libraries offer books, but they also provide access to resources like computers and WiFi, as well as helpful librarians who can help you find what you’re looking for. Libraries are a vital part of our communities and offer so much to everyone who uses them.

Here are 14 ways to celebrate National Library Lovers’ month this February with your family.

Take a Virtual Tour of a Famous Library

Taking a virtual tour of famous libraries around the world gives families an opportunity to learn about different cultures and explore places that they may not have access to in person. To get started, check out the virtual tours offered by sites like Google Earth or Google Arts & Culture. Check out this article “10 Virtual Library Tours You Can Enjoy From Your Couch” from the Bona Fide Bookworm for a treasure trove of ideas.

Have a Family Reading Night

Libraries are all about books, so why not make reading part of the celebration? Have each family member pick out a book from the library and then set aside some time each evening for everyone to read their book in peace. Afterward, discuss what everyone read and use it as an opportunity to ask questions and learn something new!

Create Your Own Library at Home

What better way to celebrate than creating your own library right at home? Making a library of your favorite books, journal articles, and magazines has never been easier. Start by purging the library of any items you haven’t read or plan to re-read. You can find many great options online to catalog your library, including tracking what books you have loaned out or who wants to borrow a certain book from you. Encourage your children to come up with their own creative way of organizing their books that works best for them. And stock up on bright, eye-catching bookmarks, so each time you open your library all the wonderful titles catch your attention, inviting you to start (or continue) reading. So if you’re looking for an excuse to show library love this month, why not create your own home library?

Attend Story Time at the Library

Attending Story Time helps kids love the library and is one of the very best ways to celebrate National Library Lover's Month

Most libraries offer story times for children throughout the week that allow families to listen together as stories are read aloud by librarians or volunteers — sometimes even with puppets or other props! Check with your local library for more information on when these events take place so you can join in on the fun!

Donate Books

There’s no better way to show your love for the library than by donating some books. Whether it’s a brand new book or one that you’ve read and loved, having more books in the library means it can expand its collection and be enjoyed by more library users. Donating books is easy – either drop them off at the library during operating hours, give them to a library staff member, or mail them. So, if you’re looking for an extra special way to show your love of the library this October, consider donating books – it’s sure to be appreciated!

Visit Your Local Library

Another one of the best ways to celebrate National Library Lover's Month is to visit the library and discover all the great things they have to offer.

Make it a point to visit your local library during National Library Lovers’ month and explore all it has to offer beyond just books — like movies, music, magazines, and more! It’s also a great place to meet other people who share similar interests or hobbies with you, so don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with fellow patrons while there too!

Learn How Libraries Work

Libraries are complex organizations that require many people working together in order for them to function properly — from staff members who manage day-to-day operations and volunteers who help maintain collections or assist patrons to find what they need; it takes many hands (and brains!) working behind the scenes for everything run smoothly! Teach kids about how libraries work by researching online articles about libraries or asking questions of your local librarian the next time you visit.

Write a letter to your local newspaper praising the library

Libraries love to hear about the impact they can make on their local communities. Every member of the library from the librarian to the local Friends of the Library groups works hard and deserves to have someone sing their praises. After that, dust off some “Thank You” notes and send them some praise directly. Better yet, gather with your friends and neighbors to create your notes together and drop them off as a group. You will make their day!

Host A Book Swap Party

Have each family member bring one book from home that they no longer want/need/read anymore wrap it up nicely using gift wrapping paper/bags etc., then gather everyone together and let each person take turns picking out someone else’s book until all of the wrapped presents have been opened. This can also be done virtually if people cannot meet in person. You can use video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc.

Attend a library event, such as a book sale or author appearance

What better way to celebrate National Library Lovers’ Month than by attending a library event? Head over to your local library and check out a book sale or author appearance. These events are a great way to show appreciation for all the work libraries do to promote literacy and provide educational resources to everyone. Plus, you can leave with fresh reads, one-of-a-kind finds, and priceless memories! It’s not just about reading, either; these events offer something for everyone, from stories to share with the family to workshops and activities.

Whether it’s the bargain prices of old hardbacks at the book sale or getting an unexpected autograph from your favorite author, there is no shortage of excitement when attending a library event. So don’t miss out and celebrate National Library Lovers’ Month in style!

Research Rare Books Online

There is nothing quite like holding an old book in your hands. We’re celebrating National Library Lovers’ Month by taking a deeper dive into the literary world! Researching rare books online has never been easier – there are now plenty of ways to explore hard-to-find titles and uncover stories that have been long forgotten. Whether you’re looking for a collectible copy of your grandmother’s favorite book or want to discover something new, National Library Lovers’ Month is the perfect time to expand your knowledge.

Start researching your favorite topics and authors today! Browse through online rare book catalogs such as “AbeBooks” which specialize in rare antiquarian volumes collected from around the world. It’s not only fun but educational too! While you’re at it, check out “The Blog of The Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America“.

Volunteering is one of the ways to celebrate national library lovers’ month

Volunteering at the library is a wonderful act of giving back.

National Library Lovers’ Month is nearly here, and what better way to show your love for libraries than by volunteering at your local one? From shelving books to creating displays, to helping patrons search for resources – there are a multitude of ways to get involved. Not only can you make a difference in your community through volunteering at the library, but you may even make some great connections with fellow library lovers along the way. United for Libraries, a division of the American Library Association has a page called Friend Your Library showcases different ways you can help and find out more about what is happening in local libraries.

So this National Library Lovers’ Month, why not pledge to volunteer at your local library and pour some love into the learning hub that has so much love to give? By showing your support in this way, you are a huge part of helping their mission of serving the public and you will feel more like part of your local community.

Put Together A Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever wanted to help create something special for National Library Lovers’ Month? Put your creativity to good use and help put together a scavenger hunt! With a little imagination and some library knowledge, you can craft an adventure that library-goers of all ages will enjoy participating in. Get ready to flex your organizational muscle and assemble clues that’ll lead library visitors on a journey through books, bookshelves, and library trivia. Let’s not forget the end prize either — what library scavenger hunt would be complete without prizes for the participants? Get creative and make National Library Lovers’ Month amazing with a scavenger hunt they’ll never forget. Let’s spread the love of our libraries by creating something truly memorable!

Share your favorite library memories on social media

It’s National Library Lovers’ Month and what better way to celebrate than by sharing your favorite library memories on social media? Using the hashtag #NationalLibraryLoversMonth, tell the world why you love libraries! Some of your fondest library memories might include studying for exams underneath the warm glow of library lightbulbs. Or maybe it was the tranquility of running your fingers along the spines of books or listening to the low murmurs of patrons asking questions, knowing the librarian had the answer. There is just something about the library.

Maybe you were part of a book group or a writer’s club. Whether you’ve spent time reading in library chairs or engaged in research, reach out to family and friends and let everyone know why you love National Library Lovers’ Month! Libraries are so much more than just a place for books – they help us learn, explore and create. Let’s honor this special month by sharing our library love stories far and wide! It can be thrilling to find good books, peaceful to study in library silence, and satisfying when you master a new subject or research project.

Celebrating National Library Lovers’ Month doesn’t have to be complicated—it can be as easy (or as elaborate) as you make it! From virtual tours of famous libraries around the world, hosting a book swap party, creating scavenger hunts, gathering together for story times, donating gently used books, learning about how libraries work, creating a home library & much more — there are plenty of ways families can honor this special occasion every year. So grab some friends & family members and head over to your local public library today!