You can’t put a price on sleep. If you’re on the hunt for the best baby bassinet to bring home, you’re in the right place. From deciding if you even need a bassinet to understanding the different types, we have you covered. There are lightweight options for travel, versions to keep your baby close, and stylish bassinets that fit the design of your home.

On top of that, some bassinets feature pretty cool technology, which can soothe your baby and encourage healthy sleeping patterns without you lifting a finger — or lifting yourself out of bed.

Why You Need a Baby Bassinet

A bassinet will provide your newborn with a safe, small space to rest within the first few months of their life. Bassinets are easy to move from room to room, which makes things a lot easier on parents. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), bassinets placed in the bedroom with the parents are the safest option for babies. However, bassinets with solid sides should not be used once babies can roll around, as they then pose a suffocation hazard. The AAP wrote that the bedding should be firm enough that babies should not leave an indent on the surface, and be free of all extra bedding like pillows or bumpers. A simple swaddle for newborns, or warm pajamas for babies, will suffice.

There are also stylish, sturdy options for alternatives to crib sleeping. Moms love having a bassinet at home that can be easily moved from room to room during the day. This way, moms can keep an eye on their little one while they go about their business in the rest of the house.

What to Consider

Buy a New Baby Bassinet

Of course, it’s crucial to practice safety when bringing home a bassinet. Stay away from second-hand versions, because you don’t want to risk bringing home a bassinet that might already have damage (it might not always be obvious) or that might have been recalled. It’s impossible to know what’s been altered, incorrectly assembled, or spilled on if you purchase the item from a previous owner.

You need to make sure your bassinet follows the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) guidelines, and that you follow the AAP’s guidelines on safe sleep. (Just a few of the guidelines: Your baby should be in your room for at least the first 6 months — no extraneous bedding or toys — and always place babies on their back to sleep.)

Know When to Move On

Once your baby can sit up straight or has the ability to roll over, it’s time to transition to a crib. This can take up to 6 months, but you can make the transition sooner if baby has already hit those two developmental milestones. Many babies are rolling as early as 3 months, which means you might not get as much mileage out of the bassinet as you were hoping. But trust us: They are a worthy investment for those earliest, most sleep-deprived days. A baby bassinet is close by, it’s a smaller object to clean, and some of them are so fancy, they basically put your kid to sleep for you.

It’s About You

As easy as it is to get totally obsessed with baby’s needs, don’t forget about your own. Think about what you’ll really need from your bassinet: Will the noise of the rocking mechanism irritate you? Do you want it as a portable resting spot for baby when you’re moving through different rooms of the home? Is the bassinet going to provide a decor element for the nursery?

These are all legitimate questions to ask yourself. Jot down a list of needs because there’s a lot out there, and you don’t want to take home the wrong choice because you’re not sure what you want.

The Best Baby Bassinets

Each of the bassinets on this list has been thoroughly researched by our editorial team. We looked at popular models in each category to make sure they fit within the safer sleep guidelines created by the CPSC and AAP, and then determined which were the best-reviewed and most talked about. We developed a cross-comparison strategy to determine the best baby bassinets worth buying today.

Best Overall

Cradle Bassinet

Baby Bjorn


This gender-neutral bassinet is simple in style, but it’s complex in its advanced technology: It allows you to calm baby down as you take care of things around the home or kick back with some Netflix. (Bridgerton beckons, we get it.)

How does it work? It lulls your little one back to sleep with gentle rocking motions. It’s not the hard sway of the cradles of the past. Instead, it’s more like what they would get if they were, say, in their magical car seat. It’s the barest back and forth, and babies love it.

The bassinet is super light, so you can bring it with you from room to room. Plus, it responds to your baby’s motions, so it’ll start rocking your baby when they start fussing. We love the soft, meshy sides that are smooth, and won’t get baby’s tiny toes or fingers trapped.

Best Light-Up Option

Soothing Motions Bassinet



This modern bassinet by Fisher-Price will entertain your little one until they fall asleep, thanks to tons of built-in features. It’s like the hottest nightclub for babies.

It has soothing vibrations, very chill music, a projectable light show, and soft mood lighting in the form of a gentle nightlight. In this bassinet, your baby is cooler than you are, and they’re also sleeping, which is also something you are likely not doing much of if you have a baby in a bassinet.

Best for Close Sleeping

Bassinest Swivel Sleeper



  • Fan Favorite
  • Affordable
  • Lulls Baby

Maybe it’s your first child, maybe you just had a C-section, or maybe you just really want to sleep close to your baby because that’s the best decision for you. Whatever your situation, consider this swivel see-through sleeper that’ll make you feel like nothing comes between you and your little one. It has an adjustable stand, so you can match the height of your baby’s little bed with your mattress. For under $200, it’s a real steal.

It’s not co-sleeping, which is a no-no according to the AAP, but it’s as close as you can get safely. (Fellow hovering parents, unite!) Plus, it’s truly a breeze to put together, which is saying a lot. The parenting editor at Best Products has put more than a few of them together to gift them for baby showers.

Pro tip: If you put it together and add a bow, you’ll look like a dang hero rolling up to that baby shower.

Best Splurge

Smart Sleeper Bassinet



  • It Does Everything
  • Gorgeous

You’ve never met a bassinet like the Snoo. Invented by the famed “Baby Whisperer” Dr. Harvey Karp, the Snoo claims to be the first super safe bassinet that’ll get your baby to stop crying and develop healthy sleep patterns. With swaddle straps that prevent your little one from rolling over, the Snoo is super intuitive, and acts as a first responder to your fussy baby by rocking them back to sleep and playing comforting white noise.

Parents are obsessed with this product. The safety, combined with the soothing movement and white noise, is apparently magic. Yes, it’s a $1,500 bassinet, but it’s cheaper than a fancy phone. If you can swing it, it might just save your bacon.

Best for Techie Parents

MamaRoo Bluetooth Bassinet

  • Lots of Bells and Whistles
  • Durable

This 4Moms mamaRoo bassinet is one of the highest tech bassinets on the market. It has five separate motions, five speeds, and four sounds. Plus, it can operate on a timer. It’s powered by Bluetooth, enabling parents to choose the best combination that works for their baby. The smooth mesh sides and firm surface make it safe for the littlest ones.

Imagine your baby starts to fuss, but it’s hours before they should wake. All you do is open an app on your phone, turn on some sound and a little sway, and boom — your baby is back in dreamland. At least, that’s the goal. It’s a lofty one, but darn it, aim high, Momma.

Best for Small Spaces

Sleepi™ Mini



This isn’t a true bassinet so much as it’s a mini adjustable crib. Sold with an extension kit that turns a small, round mini crib into something slightly larger, this Stokke model is perfect for families that might need a smaller crib when the time comes. It also has a sleek, Scandinavian style that goes well with many interiors.

Although — let’s be real — once you have kids, whatever aesthetic you once had becomes a place where toys have taken over, and they may or may not be coated in a slick of unknown substances.

Best Outdoor Bassinet

Dream On Me — Karley Bassinet

Dream On Me


  • Affordable
  • Easy to Fold
  • Easy for Travel

This cool blue and gray, dual-canopy bassinet is perfect for the family that wants to set up on the beach, at a campsite, or in the backyard. The protective canopy offers total coverage, and the mesh lining will keep air flowing in while keeping the bugs out. It’s so easy to pack for an adventure too, because it folds up and completely flattens for easy transportation.

The zipped sides are easy to maneuver one-handed, so if you’re juggling baby while trying to open up their sleeping area, it’s absolutely doable. Or if you’re holding your 3-year-old and need to shove your baby’s pacifier back in their face at the same time, you’re good to go.

Best for Travel

Iora Bedside Crib with Mattress


  • Really Attractive
  • Portable
  • Light

When you’re traveling with a little one, you need a bassinet that is sturdy, solid, and also stowable: This soothing model from maker Maxi Cosi also happens to be very stylish. Available in muted grays and tans, the understated look of the compact travel cot suits the highest of sartorial standards. Made with a breathable mesh exterior, faux bois ridge, and uniquely molded aluminum legs, this bassinet will have your baby getting all their zzz’s. The carrying case and collapsibility make the whole thing a cinch.

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