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Meet StoryCaptain

Meet StoryCaptain Books

An adventure in every box.

StoryCaptain Books

Curated Stories to Explore the World with Your Little Ones.

 Get Ready to Read

StoryCaptain book subscription boxes make it easy to explore the world with your little ones. Their curated stories feature books that are carefully selected and designed to encourage understanding and exploration. They take the work out of curating shelves and crafting activities to accompany the books, so you can spend more time with your little ones discovering cultures, foods, traditions, and places – all through the lens of great stories.

Novel and Fun Story Activities for Kids

StoryCaptain Books have crafted fun, novel activities to accompany each book. These activities are designed to extend the exploration of the stories and provide unique opportunities to engage with the material. With StoryCaptain, your little ones can discover meaningful learning experiences, while also having fun in the process.

Accessible and Inclusive

Their books are accessible and inclusive, while also reflecting a range of cultures and backgrounds. They want to make sure that every child can benefit from StoryCaptain book subscription boxes, regardless of their background or ability. Their focused selection of stories, activities, and projects makes it easy for your little ones to join in on the adventure. With StoryCaptain, your little ones can explore the world in a safe and secure environment.

Key Features + Benefits 


1. Curated book selection: StoryCaptain hand-selects each book to ensure that they provide the highest quality reading experience for families.

2. Fun activities: StoryCaptain book subscription boxes provide engaging activities to accompany each book, so parents can spend more quality time with their kids exploring the world through stories.

3. Customizable subscriptions: 

Choose from two age groups:  

  • 0-3 years old and 4-7 years old.  
  • Choose the frequency and genre of books you receive, giving you the flexibility to customize your subscriptions according to your preferences.

1. Learning made fun: StoryCaptain book subscription boxes help make learning a fun experience for kids by providing engaging activities and educational stories designed to help them grow and explore new cultures, foods, traditions, and places.

2. Quality time with family: With StoryCaptain’s convenient subscription services, parents can spend more time with their little ones without having to worry about curating shelves or searching for books.

3. Unique gift idea: StoryCaptain’s subscription services also make unique gifts for friends and family members – providing an easy way to introduce children to new worlds beyond the pages of a book!

If you’re looking for a book subscription that will help your little ones explore cultures, foods, traditions, and places, then you need to try StoryCaptain. Parents and kids alike love these subscription boxes packed with fun and adventure.

“Read to your little one today and set them up for a successful tomorrow!”

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