You’ve got a new full-time job, and it’s called a Baby. But nothing can truly prepare you for taking care of your little one. Especially now that everything a parent does is supposed to be organic, DIY, and social media worthy. Don’t worry – the new parent goes through this stage. And most of them and other professionals are willing to share the most valuable parenting life hacks online.

The genius list of a parenting life hacks to save you time, money, and sanity!  

Here are the simple parenting life hacks and shortcuts Big Top Kids Gifts parents used to make the job easier. They’re also hilarious and creative. So, we hope they will help save your money and sanity while leaving you more time for the essential things in life — like having fun with your little one.

Fun parenting life hacks for healthy eating.

Start by understanding how to safely introduce your baby to solid food. Once you have the basics (no honey for babies younger than 1-year-old and identifying choking hazards!), have fun with it and know your parenting life hacks for newborns and toddlers.

  • Do you have a picky eater at home? Try sneaking veggie into a smoothie with strawberries for picky eaters. It’s also a great way to take good care of your little one on a hot day. Plus, there is a good chance they won’t even realize they’re eating veggies. Win-win. But don’t permanently hide the veggies.
  • Keep lunch cool with this mom’s life hack! Freeze a sponge in a plastic bag to make a homemade lunch box ice pack and throw it into the lunch box in the morning. Bonus: Your kiddo can wipe up their meal space after their lunch break!
  • Encourage self-feeding. Wee ones can’t use a spoon or fork yet, but mesh feeders like these let moms serve a snack without having to sit down and pick up a spoon — plus, babies tend to find them endlessly entertaining! ($7,
  • Feeding schedules as tantrum prevention: “Keep kids on a schedule, especially with meals. Three balanced meals and two healthy snacks daily will avoid most meltdowns in kids, especially toddlers.”
  • Kids having trouble sleeping. Tart cherry gummies for kids can help everyone get better sleep. Have them eat magic fruit like bananas before bedtime! It seems like such a little thing, but it can significantly impact.

Here’s why: this magic fruit has the perfect blend of natural sleep remedies.

  • Seratonin
  • Potassium 450 mg – Natural muscle relaxer
  • Magnesium 34 mg – Natural muscle relaxer
  • Melatonin (It’s a pittance, but I’ll take it!) Tart cherry is another great source of melatonin.)

Breast and bottle-feeding don’t have to be stressful!

The benefits of breastfeeding are clear. Breastfeeding can prevent some short- and long-term illnesses and diseases, make babies less colicky, help them sleep better, and promote bonding between mother and child. Consider these tips that can make breastfeeding easier:

  • Pumping lets dad help with feeding and bond with the baby. For breastfeeding moms’ hacks, your breast pump is like your new BFF. Your husband can take overnight feedings at three weeks so you could get some time to yourself and go to bed earlier. It’ll help you stick to your breastfeeding goals and let dad handle feeding the baby while mom takes a nap, even if you’re a stay-at-home mom. It allows your partner to initiate bottle-feeding and makes the switch go more smoothly. 
  • Genius bottle-warming parenting life hacks: The idea is to fill a thermos with hot one-third to one-half full of water to warm your bottles when you are on the go. It also saves you money instead of buying those expensive bottle warmers for the car.” My favorite Thermos worked so well to keep water warm all night. As a bonus, you could use it to keep your own drinks hot or cold after my baby stopped taking bottles anywhere in the mall, at the park, or overnight. You can check out all the cute colors and prints it comes in here (link to Amazon).
  • Encourage independent feeding: Another great hands-free option is the Podee bottle. It doesn’t require your partner’s (or anyone else’s) assistance to work — and it can help reduce gas and reflux!
  • Save your bed from milk dribbles: To nurse your baby comfortably, put bassinet-size mattress pads on top of your sheets from evening nursing.

Clever parenting organization hacks.

You’re off to a good start if you already have set days or a system for keeping your household chores in order. Having a plan for doing laundry, dishes, and mowing the lawn in addition to everything else will help give you control over your life.

  • Healthy box station to go – Get ready for the busy week ahead by purchasing snacks in bulk and organizing them, designating a drawer or cabinet for all needed items like storage containers, lunch boxes, silverware, thermoses, etc. Kids can grab pre-portioned fruit, veggies, applesauce, and cheese strings themselves, or you can quickly add them to lunches.  
  • Daily clothing drawers: Designate a simple set of five drawers and label each with a day of the week. Each weekend, assign a chore for filling each drawer with that day’s outfit and accessories ahead of time. Hello, smoother weekday mornings!
  • Kids are never too little for chores! Even kids as young as three can help with chores around the house. Delegating tasks can help you stay on top of things and manage more of the overarching household organization. Beyond that, there is a whole multitude of ways assigned specific tasks or chores benefit kids.

Moms diaper hack that will save your sanity

Before you even meet your bundle of joy, it’s a good idea to become familiar with diapering. You’ll need to multiply your current load by up to 20 percent after they’re born, so start practicing now.

“A great way to do this is by practicing on a fake baby or stuffed animal,” says Eirene Heidelberger, parenting coach and founder of GIT Mom. “This will get you used to what needs to be done and when.” And don’t forget to involve your partner in the process.

  • Diaper distraction trick: Once your baby approaches around one year old, holding a toy or a small book is enough to distract a baby during a nappy change. To make it even easier, set up a small bin next to the changing table and let your baby pick out their favorite toy to hold while you clean them up! They will enjoy a small measure of independence since they make their own choice. We’ve found that it helps keep babies calm while cleaning them up.
  • Don’t waste your cash on a changing table. Instead of buying a changing table, just use a suitable changing pad or the table topper of a changing table wherever you typically change diapers.
  • Onesie is a miracle mom’s life hack:  One-piece pajamas are a miracle of modern engineering. And for the win, these onesies have shoulder flaps to help you deal with big diaper messes. Just pull the flap toward the front to open and lift in case of a blowout—no more trying to get the onesie over your baby’s head! Check out these adorable onesies here.
  • Check for Wetness Indicators: Diapers have these magical lines to tell you whether a baby is wet just by looking at it. The wetness indicators change with the smallest amount of liquid but are a great way to check your baby quickly.
  • Start baby talkin’—seems way too simple, but it works! Use a calm voice and keep eye contact; just talk, sing, and name their various body parts. This can be done while changing a nappy or when your baby is crying for attention. Believe it or not, making it more of a time to bond will help your baby cooperate better! 
  • Keep your diaper bag always stocked. If you’re going to be out and about with your baby, keep your diaper bag stocked.  Alison Mitzner, M.D., a pediatrician in New York City, suggests refilling as often as possible, well before items become emptied—and anticipating the baby’s growing size. “The weeks will fly by quickly, and your baby will be growing fast in those first months and years,” she says. “It adds stress to be out and about and go for your diaper bag and realize you do not have enough wipes, diapers, or spare clothes you need, or they are the wrong size.”

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Parenting life hacks to keep kids entertained

  • Coloring book: Get your kids age-appropriate coloring books, and pack them with a bag of pens or crayons for your road trip. It’s a simple and cost-effective way to keep them entertained. Apart from coloring, they could also write a few words or play a game of tic-tac-toe on the coloring book. Even better, let your baby Paint INSIDE a cardboard box. I’m unsure which toddlers prefer being inside a box or making a mess. Now you don’t have to choose!
  • Get a foamnasium for your little one to climb and jump off. They can be pricey, but we recommend checking With the Foamnasium Gymnasium or FDP SoftScape Playtime for Infants and Toddlers. You can set up a fun obstacle course for your toddler to enjoy even when they are still learning to crawl! 
  • Invest in a learning tower. Some toddlers are only content when they can see what mom or dad is doing at the counter. A learning tower helps them do this safely. You can also use it as a step stool to get things off high shelves, so it’s an excellent investment.
  • The Snack Game—yes, we made that name up—is a fun way to get your kids to learn. Pack their favorite snack and veggies and play a quiz along the way. For each correct answer, you can reward them with their favorite snack. It will build interest and keep them motivated in the game.
  • Keep your little one entertained while you do some yard work — or lie in the poolside— by giving them an old paintbrush and a bucket of water to “paint” the fence. Your little Picasso will be busy, and you’ll get a chance to relax!
  • Give your toddler a mini mop and bucket (with just a bit of water) and encourage your little one to clean the floor. Tip: This works even better outside in summer, where you don’t need to worry about spilled water!

Moms hack to keep baby’s calm

Dr. Harvey Karp’s book “Happiest Baby on the Block” is a blessing for new parents. He explains to parents what babies need, different stages of development, how to handle different types of babies and how to calm newborns. Karp combined five techniques that mothers have often used and systematized them into this easy mnemonic. 

1st Swaddle – Help your baby feels more secure by wrapping them up tightly in a burrito-style blanket or in your Burt’s Bees Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket. It keeps them snug and secure and helps them feel comfortable, so they don’t jerk and wake up. This technique works well for most babies over 3 months and older. 

2nd Shush – If your baby is crying, swaddle them in your arms, try shushing them gently with a calm voice, running the vacuum, or using white noise until they quiet down (this works wonders). (RONBEI Sleeper, Fisher-Price Hoppy, and Happiest Baby’s CD/Mp3 contain specially-engineered white noise to calm crying and boost sleep.)

3rd Side or Stomach Position – While the back is the safest position to sleep, it’s the worst position for calming fussiness. However, you’ll see your baby mellow in no time by holding a baby on the side, on the stomach, or over your shoulder. 

4th Swing – Movement can make babies more comfortable and lull them to sleep. Just remember not to swing too fast, support the neck, and never shake the baby!

5th Suck – Babies get much comfort from sucking on something, be it a pacifier, nipple, bottle, or finger. The sucking motion helps relax their jaw and throat muscles, calming them down and easing their crying. Swaddling them tightly with their arms tucked in works nicely because it stimulates this reflex.

Fun Parenting life hacks for Staying Sane

  • So, find a way to keep yourself sane—for example, listening to music, talking to friends, or taking a nap when the baby sleeps. You can even meditate or use mindfulness ideas such as focusing on your breathing to help lessen stress. 
  • Exercises are also a fun mom’s hack for staying sane, especially if you can do it with friends. You can go running or take a Pilates or yoga class together. Or splurge on a personal trainer who will design a workout you can do at home.
  • Having a support system when raising a child can help relieve stress. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you have someone who can take over for a few minutes. Let your mate, a grandparent, a friend, or a neighbor, give it a shot and see if they can help the baby. The more help and support you can put around you, the better.

We hope these parenting life hacks came in useful—and hopefully, they’ll contribute to an easier time raising your kids. It’s too easy to let stress get the better of you, so make sure you take the time to enjoy the kids while they’re young. Even though they’ll grow up quickly, you’ll be glad you made time to embrace them now.