If you’re like most parents, you want to do everything you can to keep your baby comfortable and safe during the winter months. In an article in the online magazine Healthline entitled “How to Care for Baby’s Skin in the Winter“, Carly Werner, RD states, “Babies can have more delicate and sensitive skin than adults. This may make them even more prone to moisture loss, which means their skin can dry out quickly.” So you want to take extra care of your baby’s delicate skin. So here are our top tips for protecting baby’s delicate skin in the winter to help you safeguard your little one’s precious skin:

Keep baby’s baths short.

Short lukewarm baths will help in protecting baby's delicate skin in the winter.

According to Amy Lynn Stockhausen, MD, FAAP in an article entitled “Avoiding Dry Winter Skin in Babies and Toddlers” on the AAP website healthychildren.org, short (under 10 minutes), lukewarm baths are best at protecting the skin as they are not as drying as hot water. During the winter, short, lukewarm baths are better for a baby’s skin than anything else! It is especially important since harsh temperatures can dry out their delicate skin. This makes them ideal even in the coldest of months. So don’t forget, short and lukewarm is the way to go this winter!

Put a hat on your baby whenever they go outside.

A helpful tip to protect baby’s delicate skin in the winter is to put a hat on them before you go out – even if it’s just a short time. A good rule of thumb is to dress them in one more layer than you would wear yourself. A good hat should fit snugly so that it doesn’t fly off, but doesn’t constrict their head or face. A soft, breathable material like cotton is ideal, and look for colors and prints that you both love! Making sure your little one is as warm and cozy as possible can provide them with some extra comfort while adventuring outdoors.

Keep their lips moistured with a gentle lip balm.

Applying lip balm liberally and frequently is another one of our tips for protecting baby's delicate skin in the winter

When winter is in full swing, it’s important to keep our little ones protected from harsh elements. One often overlooked area is their delicate lips – so make sure you apply a gentle lip balm periodically throughout the day. Not only will this help keep chapping and sun damage at bay, but it will also impart a natural sheen that leaves your baby looking as fresh and lush as a winter’s wonderland. Apply before naps and after meals for extra protection – your baby deserves it!

Apply a hypoallergenic lotion or cream before going outdoors.

A hypoallergenic lotion or cream can help protect a baby’s delicate skin from the elements. It forms a barrier between their skin and the cold air, so it helps retain moisture and prevents dryness. Applying lotion will also give them a layer of protection against irritants like dirt and pollen that may be in the outdoor air. Furthermore, hypoallergenic lotions are typically fragrance-free and contain few ingredients so they’re generally gentle on baby’s skin.

Use mild, unscented baby soap when bathing your child.

For another of our tips for protecting baby's delicate skin in the winter, choose mild, unscented soap for your baby's bath.

Cold weather can be hard on baby’s delicate skin. To help protect them, use a mild, unscented baby soap during their bathtime routine. This kind of soap helps to cleanse the skin without the harsh chemicals and fragrances that irritate sensitive skin. After bathing, make sure to always reapply baby lotion or oil generously to their entire body to lock in moisture, and keep them warm and soft through the winter months. Doing both of these things will help to ensure your little one stays cozy and protected!

Gently pat skin dry after baths and apply a hypoallergenic moisturizer within three minutes.

As a new parent, making sure your baby’s skin is healthy and hydrated can be daunting. Fortunately, taking preventative measures is easy and only takes a few extra steps after bath time. Here’s another one of our tips for protecting baby’s delicate skin in the winter. Start by patting their skin gently with a towel once their bath is complete; this will prevent further drying of their skin. Once completely dried, apply a hypoallergenic moisturizer within three minutes to help lock in the hydration needed to prevent dryness. Babies thrive when they are comfortable – following these simple steps towards healthier skin can make all the difference for your little one!

Don’t bundle your child up too much.

It’s important to keep your baby comfortable, but also keep in mind not to bundle them up too much as it can lead to overheating. Overdressing your little one can trap heat and put unnecessary stress on their skin – something you’ll want to keep in check, especially during the hot summer months. Make sure there is enough airflow through their clothing, and keep regular checks on your baby’s temperature to ensure they don’t get too hot. By following these simple steps, you’ll help keep your baby both safe and healthy all year long.

Keep the house humidified.

Using a humidifier is one of our top tips for protecting baby's delicate skin in the winter.

Keeping the house humidified is an easy and highly effective way to keep your baby’s delicate skin healthy and happy during the winter months. Not only will keeping the air around your baby more humid help with keeping their skin smooth, but it will also reduce the occurrence of colds and other illnesses since keeping a higher humidity can reduce the survival rate of airborne viruses. Just remember – you want to ensure you keep your home somewhere between 30-50% humidity levels so as not to create an environment that is too wet or too dry for baby’s health. Doing this may often mean running a humidifier, which could be well worth it for keeping your baby’s precious skin shielded from the harsh winter elements.

Dress your child in natural fabrics like cotton or wool.

When dressing your child, natural fabrics such as cotton and wool are ideal choices as they allow your child’s skin to breathe and aid temperature regulation. Cotton is a natural material that has been a go-to fabric for a long time due to its extremely lightweight feel and comfort level. Wool is a natural fabric that keeps its warmth even when wet, which makes it great for colder climates. Not only will natural fabrics work best in terms of providing maximum breathability for your child’s skin health but it’s also good for the environment. So if you’re looking for the perfect fabrics to ensure your child’s comfort, natural fibers like cotton and wool are definitely worth investing in.

Consider investing in a plastic stroller cover.

As a parent, one of the most important things you want to do is protect your little one in any way possible. A plastic stroller cover can make sure your baby stays comfy during walks, even on those abnormally cold winter days. The plastic material acts as a shield from harsh winds, providing an extra layer of warmth and padding against bitter temperatures. Investing in this plastic stroller cover can be a game-changer when heading outdoors with your little one during the chilly winter months!

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your baby’s skin is healthy and happy. Add these tips for protecting baby’s delicate skin in the winter into your regular routine. And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to a dermatologist – they’re always happy to help.